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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) Systems & Passivhaus solutions for your home

MVHR system is a vital component to low energy, draft free homes because they provide constant warm, clean air to the home without the massive heat loss that occurs through traditional ventilation control, such as bathroom air extractors, and window trickle vents. 

MVHR systems are installed in both domestic and commercial buildings, and our team have experience installing in all types of installation

We have more than 15 years experience in the design and installation of MVHR systems and we’ve been building and supplying timber frame passivhaus homes for self builders for much longer still, so we have a great deal of knowledge and first hand experience. If you are looking for expertise in this relatively new technology, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

There are 4 main installation types

Passivhaus Self Builds

Passivhaus homes must have a MVHR system as standard since it is the only method to provide excellent air quality in a very airtight (<0.6 ach), draft free home whilst also using minimal energy.

EnerPHit Renovations

'EnerPHit renovations' is the term used for upgrading an existing home to passivhaus principles by means of improving overall air-tightness and insulation. This again means that MVHR system is the best solution to provide controlled ventilation.

Developer Newbuilds

For new non-passivhaus homes building regulations now require developers to improve the air-tightness of their buildings to reduce the energy use required for heating the home. This will inevitably lead to MVHR units being more commonly used to provide ventilation, however this may not always mean that the better, quiet and efficient passivhaus devices will always be the developer's first choice.

Commercial & Commmunity Builds

We’ve worked on various larger scale applications, from industrial units to village community centres.

In larger scale development homes it is becoming more common to install a MVHR system, though unfortunately these systems invariably are made up using cheaper components, flexible duct work and poorly performing noisy machines. We are working on various projects where we swap out these lesser quality machines for our quiet running, very efficient passivhaus machines.

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We only work with the best passivhaus MVHR machines, such as Zenhnder and PAUL, as our experience with the cheaper units available has been that they are inefficient in terms of heat loss, and noisy. The machines we specialise in are very quiet in their operation and retain around 95% of heat in the air, and they also have superb air filtration to provide a home with superb comfort levels. 

What’s most surprising is the ‘stillness’ of the house. No draughts, exceptionally quiet and clean controlled air distribution, makes for a very relaxing place to be.
Ben Ribbans
Self build home "Red Bluff", Weyhill