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We have 20 years experience in the design and installation of MVHR systems and designing super energy efficient homes to passivhaus and passivhaus+ throughout the UK and Europe.

Today, with this huge wealth of both technical knowledge and practical hands-on experience, we now specialise in the design and installation of MVHR systems directly to commercial developers, home owners, building contractors and the self builder.

Breath easy, boost your air quality.

Why choose to have an MVHR in your home?

An MVHR system is a vital component in a low energy, draft free home because it provides the home with a constant supply of fresh clean air, without losing the heat in the air ( provided by your heating system such as wood pellet, solar panel or gas central heating systems) that occurs through traditional ventilation control, such as bathroom air extractors, and window trickle vents.

They also have the added benefit of filtering out pollutants, particulate matter and pollens… Read more

Who are we?

Our journey began in the mid 90’s from a small family run building company, Wilkinson and Sons Ltd, founded by Reuben’s grandfather

Growing up in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, Reuben has a keen interest in the environment, and studied Climate Change at University, gaining an MSc in Climate Change before joining the family business. He came to realise how much energy was being wasted through poor build quality and energy inefficiency in the home, and in turn recognised that this is a huge contributor to the global warming and climate change. 

What if all homes were energy efficient and carbon neural?

With three generations of family building experience to draw from, they started looking at new and emerging technologies to see how we could design homes that were as near carbon zero as humanly possible, and they embarked on their first build incorporating passivhaus principles in 1996, and build some of the first homes to be certified under the ‘passivhaus plus’ standard, launched in 2017, in the UK… read more.

In 2020, realising that there was an increasing public interest in MVHR technology, but a big shortfall of industry expertise out there to assist and advise on it, Mango Projects Ltd. was founded to do just that!

Where do we cover?

While for larger projects, we are happy to cover most of the UK. We are based on the Suffolk and Cambridge borders, on the M11 corridor with Newmarket, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and North East Essex being  our preferred regions in which to work.

Who are our clients?

Our usual first point of contact is from architects who have been commissioned to work on a project where low energy and passivhaus principles have been requested. If you have yet to reach this stage, please contact us as we can advise on architects that we have experience working in partnership with over the course of many years.

Our clients fall into four main categories

Passivhaus Self Builds

Passivhaus homes must have an MVHR system installation by default, as currently it is the only available method to provide fresh clean air into the specified level of airtightness required for certification. This is currently <0.6 ach.

If you are a self builder / architect working on a passivhaus construction, we are the people you need to speak to!

'nerPHit renovation of 1960's build home

EnerPHit Renovations

'EnerPHit renovations' is the term used for upgrading an existing home to meet passivhaus principles by means of at improving overall air-tightness and insulation.

This will mean thickening exterior walls and roof eaves to accommodate a very dense insulation, and upgrading doors ad windows to triple glazed units. This again means that MVHR system is the best solution to provide controlled ventilation.

Developer Newbuilds

For new non-passivhaus homes, building regulations now require developers to improve the air-tightness of their buildings to reduce the amount of energy use required for home heating.

Inevitably, this will lead to MVHR units being more commonly used in new developments, however this may not always mean that the more efficient passivhaus devices will be installed, and homebuyers may find that they need to replace them, or put up with noisy homes and higher than necessary heating bills.

Commercial & Commmunity Builds

We’ve worked on various larger scale applications, from industrial units to village community centres. Most recently we completed work at the very impressive Vishuddha Yoga Centre in Oxford

"The building showcases innovative technological solutions to minimise consumption of fossil-fuel, and sits lightly in its environment, while providing quiet, warm, and welcoming spaces. "

In larger scale development homes it is becoming more common to install a MVHR system, though unfortunately these systems invariably are made up using cheaper components, flexible duct work which reduces efficiency and poorly performing noisy machines. We are working on various projects where we replacing these lesser quality machines for our reliable, quiet running and very efficient passivhaus standard machines.

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