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Servicing and Maintenance

To keep your MVHR unit running smoothly and at its maximum efficiency, we recommend that you clean your system regularly, that the filters are kept clean and replaced as necessary, and that you have your system professionally serviced by one of our qualified specialist engineers at least once every 3 – 5 years.

General cleaning

Every 3 – 6 months depending on environmental factors

Many environmental factors, such as air pollution, higher than average pollen counts and pet hair will affect how often your system needs to be cleaned but on average, these are tasks that should be performed every 3 – 6 months. 

You can carry these out yourself in accordance with the instructions in your user manual, or you can arrange for one of our service team to come and do this for you.

Check all internal and external terminals and clean any build up of dust, dirt and debris.

Filters should be checked for staining, wear and tear and changed if required.

The heat exchange mechanism should be gently washed in warm water with detergent to remove grease and dirt.

If you would like one of our team to do this for you call us on <telephone> to arrange a regular servicing contract.

Annual servicing

All filters should on your MVHR system should be changed once a year.

Depending on your environmental factors, you may find that different filters might better suit your needs, for example, hay fever sufferers in rural locations might find a combination of filters designed specifically to clear pollen might be more beneficial than filters that are designed to clear air partials and carbon which would be more problematic in urban areas.

This again is a task you might be happy to undertake yourself, or we would be happy to arrange a regular annual servicing contract with you.

Full 5 year servicing

And repair service for systems running less efficiently or not working

Our service engineers with run a complete diagnostics and balancing sequence on your MVHR unit to ensure that it is meeting required levels of efficiency. 

The entire ducting system will be checked for damage and wear, and cleaned throughout, with  parts replaced as necessary.

If you would like to book your full 5 year service, please call us or fill in our form.

Price bands

Herts, Essex and North London

Price plus materials (tbc).

Suffolk, Kent, Bedfordfordshire & London

Price plus materials (tbc).

Sussex, Buckinghamshire & Surry

Price plus materials (tbc).

Midlands, Norfolk and Hampshire

Price plus materials (tbc).