Foundation Systems

To complement the air-tight well insulated structure of your passivhaus home, it is vital that the building’s foundations are laid to minimalise thermal bridging from the grounds surface into the building, and so compromise the overall efficiency of the home.  We offer two main foundation solutions: Our Strip Foundation System and the Insulated Raft Foundation System.

Strip Foundation Systems

The strip foundation needs to be detailed to make it thermally bridge free.

This can be achieved adding 150-100mm polystyrene sheet between the block-work skins, and a 300mm layer of insulation underneath the slab, so that all cold-bridging to ground is minimised.

Insulated Raft Foundation

A fully insulated raft foundation can be a very efficient and environmentally friendly solution because it uses less concrete and entails less digging and spoil removal than conventional foundation systems.

Advanced Foundation Technology are a good national supplier of these systems

If you would like to learn more...

Mango Projects can advise you on the best foundation type to suit your passivhaus project, and design and install your foundation system for you.

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