Who are Mango Projects Ltd?

Mango Projects Ltd is a brand new consultancy service specialising in MVHR systems, passivhaus and passivhaus enerPHit.

With more than 15 years experience passivhaus timber frame manufacture for self builders, we have a great deal of experience of working with the various systems available, the pros and cons and which type of system will suit which environment.

In this relatively new and emerging market, where the initial investment will be quite substantial, you will want to be absolutely sure that you have made the right choice and that the quality of the components that make up your system will ensure efficiency, silent operation and durability.

Mango Projects is here to make sure that you make that right choice, and enjoy the best in MVHR system for your situation, and enjoy a quiet, ambient home atmosphere, with optimum air quality, all year round.

Meet the team

Reuben Wilkinson

Reuben Wilkinson

Reuben has run Touchwood Homes for 12 years, providing super-efficient passivhaus timber frame homes to clients, all with MVHR systems installations included in the build process, and so has vast experience of delivering all aspects of passivhaus design and technical detail.

Rod WIlliams

Rod hold a doctorate in engineering and runs Williams Energy Design specialising in PHPP, passivhaus M&E and MVHR design.

His enthusiasm and expertise was born from the research he first undertook while looking to build his own passivhaus home 14 years ago

Diana Attwood

Diana has a passion for environmental concerns and looks after our website, social media, newsletters and marketing needs.