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Great!  We’re really glad that you want to take this step into creating a greener, healthier future for all.

In this relatively new and emerging market, where the initial investment will be quite substantial, you will want to be absolutely sure that you have made the right choice and that the quality of the components that make up your system will ensure efficiency, silent operation and durability.

Due to high demand for our services, we are prioritising our MVHR  design, installation and maintenance areas to Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgshire, Newmarket and East Anglia regions. However with our vast experience we are happy to consider larger commercial premises installations throughout the UK.

Mango Projects is here to make sure that you make that right choice and enjoy the best in MVHR system installation for your build type and situation, and so be sure of a quiet, ambient  atmosphere, with optimum internal air quality, all year round.

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If you are looking to commence a project in the near future, or you are an architect looking for experienced specialists in the design and installation of MVHR ducting and units for upcoming projects, scan here to save our contacts to your phone.

We predominantly cover Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and East Anglia, but will consider larger projects further afield.